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Professor N.G. Charalambous

Professor N.G. Charalambous

Prof N G Charalambous

Professor, 8th dan

- United States of America, Black Belt Hall of Fame – International Rank Certificate, 14/11/15

  (Executive Director, Grandmaster, John C. Kanzler, Soke)

Greco Roman Wrestling, Boxing

Instructor G. Charalambous (Father)

1972: Trained in Kyshindo Ryu Sensei Master Mayo 8th Dan Sensei W. T. Mustoe 4th Dan

1976: Trained in Wu Shu Kwan Chinese Boxing Sifu Tan and Master C. K. Chang

1978: Boxing trainer G. Francis at the Wellington Gym

European and British Freestyle Kickboxing, Grappling Champion Amateur

Juko Ryu Ju Jitsu; Instructors Soke. Blundell, Prof. R. Clark, Prof. R. Morris, Prof. D. Connelley, Prof. J. McDade, Senior Sensei for Prof. D Connelly.

1980: Trained in various forms of Freestyle Kick Boxing and Freestyle Kumite. Most influential instructors were: Jean-Yves Theriault, Benny the Jet (Benny Urquidez) and Joe Lewis.

1982: Ryshinto Ryu Ju Jitsu Instructor J. Shortt.

1983: Tai Jitsu Instructor J. McKeown.

1984: Trained in Siedokan and Hakko Ryu Ju Jitsu by Instructor Hanshi J. Hobbs.

1984: Muay Thai Boxing Professional Muay Thai Chitalada Camp in Thailand.

Trained with Master Sken, Master Bun Riang and Master Toddy.

1986: Mugendo – a mix of Boxing Karate and Kickboxing by Instructor Meiji Suzuki. I also had the pleasure to train with George Mackenzie, Mugendo World European and British Kickboxing and Ju Jitsu Champion W.A.K.O.

1992: Jodo Shindo Muso Ryu Short Staff, Instructor S. Bellamy.

1992: Latosa Escrima – a Philippine form of Stick and Knife Fighting. Trained under Guru R. Latosa, Guru B. Newman and Guru S. Tappin.

1992 – 1997: Amateur Martial Arts National Coach and Assessor for Ju Jitsu. Manager of G.B Ju Jitsu Team as well as a Chief Referee for the International Ju Jitsu Federation Representing Great Britain; taught as Senior Instructor; fought in various countries in Europe and the Middle East as well as Asia and the Far East.

1994: Small Circle Ju Jitsu with Prof. W. Jay.

1994: Trained and taught with Sensei Vince Morris.

2000: Gained my Close protection and Private Investigator certificate.

2000: Began my own Association: Goshin Ju Jitsu, based on my previous martial arts experience.

2009: Acheived 7th Dan Graded by Master Steven Chan

I would just like to say I have been blessed with many top quality Martial Arts Instructors (Far too many to mention) some are living Legends, most are down to earth lovely people, For all those not mentioned please accept my apologies. I would like to add my deepest thanks to all whom have contributed to my Martial Arts career and abilities.

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