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Goshin Ju Jitsu support the premise that children and vulnerable adults who may attend classes should expect that the instructors are of the highest integrity and will behave in a professional and appropriate manner. Parents have the right to expect that their children will come to no harm at the hands of instructors. The following is not exclusive, but covers many of the issues that Goshin feel should be addressed.

Goshin Ju Jitsu Association GB recognize that it is inevitable for instructors of Martial Arts to make physical contact with all students in the class, including children, which is the nature of the activity. However, instructors are fully aware what constitutes inappropriate contact and that they should not conduct themselves in ways, which could be considered unprofessional.

Instructors also need to be sensitive to the needs of the children attending the class, not to intimidate or force a child to attempt any technique, which they are clearly unable to master. Similarly, bullying by other students will not be tolerated. Goshin Ju Jitsu Association GB instructors are aware of the issues surrounding Child Protection and do their professional best to ensure the standards are maintained. Instructors will take appropriate action where a student is involved in bullying or intimidation of or by another student.


All our Senior Instructors at Goshin Ju Jitsu Association GB have trained in Ju Jitsu for a number of years, having achieved the level of black belt 1st dan or higher. All instructors in charge of our Association have a history of service to their club and the Association and are well known and respected members.

No-one with an unsuitable background will be allowed to teach at Goshin Ju Jitsu Association GB.


The Ju Jitsu uniform is know by its Japanese name ‘gi’ and comprises of a re-inforced jacket, trousers and a belt. The principle being that everyone wears the same uniform and the only distinguishing markings are earned, in the form of coloured belts.

All members are required to wear the Goshin Ju Jitsu badge on the front of their gi as well as any additional badge of any of our affiliated Clubs and Associations.

These belts range from

  • White

  • Red

  • Yellow

  • Orange

  • Green 1

  • Green 2

  • Blue

  • Purple

  • Brown 1

  • Brown 2

  • (Brown 3 Juniors Syllabus only)

  • Black

Beginners wear loose clothes, often a t-shirt and track suit trousers, however they often quickly opt to purchase a hard wearing gi. Beginners wear a white belt.


This is the room where you train. It can be a church hall, sports hall, squash court, but when the mats are down, the room becomes a dojo and correct rules apply. The dojo floor is covered with reinforced mats known as tatami; used to absorb impact of falls.


- Bow on entry and exit to the dojo

- Ask permission before stepping onto the mat

- Ask permission to leave the mat & dojo

- No footwear must be worn whilst on the mat

- Clean feet / short finger- and toe nails

- No smoking, drinking, swearing or any inappropriate behaviour – treat the dojo with respect


This is the name given to the traditional Japanese bow or salutation, similar to the Western shaking hands. The bow should be performed correctly. The standing bow is performed with feet together, bending forwards at the waist with alignment of neck and back, hands move down the front of the legs until the body forms approx 30 degree angle.

The kneeling bow is more formal, and is performed at the beginning and end of the training session, marking the start and finish of training.


This term is the Japanese name for instructor. All instructors are referred to as Sensei. Instructors are those that hold the rank of black belt and above.


Means stop or halt, and must be adhered to immediately for safety reasons.


- Instructors must respect the rights, dignity and worth of every person and treat everyone equally within the context of Ju Jitsu.

- Instructors must place the safety and well being of the student above the development or performance.

- Instructors must hold up-to-date qualifications, a recognized First Aid certificate and valid Insurance Cover (currently with AMA, Amateur Martial Art)

- Instructors must develop an appropriate working relationship with students (especially children), based on mutual trust and respect. Instructors must not

  exert undue influence to obtain personal benefit or reward.

- Instructors must encourage and guide students to accept responsibility for their own behaviour and performance.

- Instructors must ensure the activities they direct are appropriate for the age, maturity experience and ability of the individual.

- Instructors should, at the outset, clarify with students (and where appropriate parents) exactly what is expected of them and what students are entitled to

  expect from their Instructor.

- Instructors should always promote the positive aspects of Ju Jitsu, such as etiquette and discipline) and never condone violations or the use of prohibited


- Instructors must consistently display high standards of behaviour and appearance.


A First Aider, emergency telephone and first aid kit are available and venue emergency procedures are known.

All participants must hold or have applied for a valid membership, within two weeks of starting, having given information on any medical condition, which may affect training.

Environmental conditions are suitable. Lighting, ventilation, heating, dojo is in a safe condition.

Mats have been set out correctly and are in a sound condition.

Any furniture, personal belongings, bags, etc. do not obstruct exits or present trip hazards.

- Participants are aware of Dojo rules, etiquette, safety precautions and are wearing suitable

clothing in a good state of repair.

- Suitable warm-up exercises have been completed.

Weapons and training equipment are in a safe condition, including personal training


Beginners or visiting members are made known to the Club Instructor.

Parents are allowed to stay and watch their children at the Instructor’s discretion.

During Training

Injuries and blood spillages are treated immediately and recorded in the relevant accident

book. The Premises Ownershall be notified if any accident results in any incident requiring

medical attention.

The mat shall be kept free of gaps and clear of training equipment as far as possible

Where necessary adequate space shall be maintained between students or groups whilst

on the mat.

Persons feeling faint or nauseous shall be accompanied when going to the toilet or

changing rooms.

Training is tailored to individual needs.

Training weapons are inspected before use.

Appropriate control and restraint is exercised in relation to the application of techniques.

Kicks or punches to the head, heart or groin should be controlled. Full power finishing off

and weakening strikes are not permitted.

End of Training

All injuries have been recorded.

Defective equipment shall be removed or reported.

Mats are carried and stored correctly.

The Dojo shall be left in a clean and tidy condition.


Every member has a responsibility to ensure the safety of themselves and of others.

You must comply with the following Requirements and Membership Rules and the rules and Etiquette of the Dojo of Goshin Ju Jitsu Association GB at all times.

It must be borne in mind that Ju Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts is a contact sport, which involves acceptance of a certain risk of occasional injuries, such as bruises and sprains. This applies to both, attackers and defenders.

However, it is the main aim of Goshin Ju Jitsu Association GB to provide a safe environment and train in a safe manner under suitable supervision and control.

1. Requirements and Membership Rules:

Every member shall ensure that they will;

  • Apply for Goshin Ju Jitsu Membership within two week of commencing training, maintaining a valid Ju Jitsu membership status throughout the entire period of training with Goshin Ju Jitsu Association GB.

  • Set up payment by Standing Order to cover all mat fees in advance on the first of each month without any deduction (Bank Holidays and Holidays have been taken into account for all monthly fees)

  • Notice of 1 month prior to termination of membership is required.

  • Disclose any medical conditions, previous injuries or changes in their health status, which may prevent or affect their training in Ju Jitsu when completing our membership form as well as any information on special medical requirements.

  • Disclose any criminal offences due to violence in the past.

Dojo Rules:

Every member must obey the rules of Goshin Ju Jitsu Association GB and the Etiquette of the Dojo and ensure that they will:

  • Maintain a high standard of personal hygiene.

  • Wear a clean gi and keep it in a good condition

  • Not consume food, including chewing gum, in the dojo and leave a suitable period between eating and the start of training.

  • Not consume alcohol or any other substances, which may affect their state of mind, prior to and throughout training and as long as in the vicinity of the dojo.

  • Not to smoke anywhere in the vicinity of the dojo or whilst wearing a gi.

  • Keep toe and finger nails as short as possible

  • Remove any type of jewelry, such as watches, bracelets, rings or hair pins during training to reduce the risk of causing or suffering related injuries (stud earrings must be covered completely on both sides with a plaster).

  • Follow the instructions of the Instructor or his nominee.

  • Not leave the mat or dojo during training sessions without notifying the Club Instructor.

  • Follow and respect the advice and instructions of other more experienced members where that advice relates to their safety or training syllabus.

  • Not attempt techniques, which they have not been instructed to do so.

  • Not engage in free practice without the presence of an Instructor.

  • Stop training and/or move away if they become aware of any blood spillage, informing an instructor without any delay, so that it can be treated urgently.

  • Inform the Instructor of anything, which may affect the safety of any student.

  • Not use full power kicks or punches to the head or heart

  • Use only appropriate force when training and exercise restraint where required, particularly when applying strangles and locks.

  • Maintain any personal training equipment or weapons, which may be used within the club, in a safe condition

  • Carry any weapons, particularly bo’s, jo’s, bokkens, nunchucks in suitable cases and avoid the attention of the public.

  • Not carry any illegal weapons in their training bags by all means

  • Observe dojo rules and etiquette and ensure that the defender is ready prior to commencing training or an attack

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