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Goshin Ju Jitsu Association GB

The chief aim of the Association is to provide a safe and friendly environment for members to learn Martial Arts and have fun in the process, with emphasis on a strong sense of morality and traditional Japanese etiquette.

Historically, we have worked both nationally and internationally with various voluntary and statutory organisations, holding Self-Defence workshops and Seminars. We have extensive knowledge and experience in providing Close Protection Services and Close Protection Training.


Our mission is to build good partnerships between students, instructors and parents of our Junior students, offering multiple benefits to the community, including self-development through personal training, instructions on fitness & wellbeing, all which helps to instil an edge of self-confidence, respect and determination throughout all age groups.

Our club is very much attuned to adults as well as children and their families within the group, developing strong friendships outside Goshin Ju Jitsu as a result.

We provide the opportunity for every individual to achieve their full potential in the art of traditional Japanese and Goshin Ju Jitsu.

In order to achieve this, we:

– Follow an Equal Rights Policy, ensuring an equal opportunity for every student to study and perform Ju Jitsu to the best of their ability, irrespective of gender, ethnicity and educational background. Members with disabilities are also welcome, depending on the severity of the disability.

– Provide a friendly and welcoming environment for everyone, monitoring a personal approach to their technical, physical and social development with emphasis on fair-play, respect and abiding by the dojo rules.

– Aim to build links with schools and Sport Development Programmes, responding to changes in National Governing Bodies in order to guarantee teaching of the highest standard possible.

– Agree to honour non-Goshin grades previously attained, subject to verification with the precondition that a student must present himself/herself for a Goshin Ju Jitsu grading to assess his/her grade.

– Support students with the freedom to train in other styles of Martial Arts, Associations or dojos to broaden their skills and knowledge.

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