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Sandan Carl Robert Carmichael (R.I.P.)

Sensei Bob (Carl) Carmichael was one of the first black belts of Meadway Ju Jitsu under Prof. James McDade, 8th dan, which is where I, Jason Fitzpatrick, first met him. Bob was a black belt who I admired, I looked up to and wanted to be as good as. I trained at his Tottenham dojo for many years and he personally got me through my 2nd dan training and grading.

I never heard anyone say a bad word about Bob, nor did he ever say a bad word about anyone, which only underlines his great character.

I pride myself to have been able to call Bob my friend. I named my son after him (Ryan Robert) in his honour and appreciation of his friendship.

“We are the Pilgrims master”

God rest his soul. – R. I. P.


Sensei Stuart Easton (R.I.P.)

Sensei Stuart Easton started training in the Martial Arts over 20 years ago. He achieved black belts in Karate, Ju Jitsu, Aikido and Judo.

Stuart was one of the most gifted and technical instructors I, Jason Fitzpatrick, have ever trained with.

In the early days of my training I was fortunate to train with Sensei Stuart Easton. He then came to teach at Goshin Ju Jitsu for five years, a pure honour for me personally! That was the measure of the man. Stuart told me that he always loved training and teaching at my Association because I was so open-minded.
I personally miss him a lot.

God rest his soul! – R. I. P.


Peter William Maxey (R. I. P.)

Pete was a Sensei of the highest standard, who I trained for many years under Prof. James McDade at Meadway Ju Jitsu, together with Mat Stacey. Pete rose through the ranks at Meadway Ju Jitsu to 5th dan Master and was equally a great man or person as his rank at Ju Jitsu.

After leaving Meadway Ju Jitsu / Total Self-Defence, Pete and Mat founded Phoenix Ju Jitsu, which is running successfully under Mat’s expertise. This had been their long time ambition. Sadly, they only managed to run this club together for a short time.

He was a great family man and friend and will be misses by anyone, who was lucky enough to know him.

God rest his soul! – R. I. P.




Who even after my training in Ju Jitsu for over 35 years, insisted that the Art was actually called Ju Jipsy.

She was such a strong woman with a strong mind. Seeing her suffer throughout her illness broke our hearts and when she finally passed away on 27 October 2014, aged 68, she left a big void, that can never be filled.

God rest your soul Mum! – R. I. P




Who sadly passed away on 9 June 2015, aged 72. Although the official cause of death is stated as Pneumonia, his family believe that he died of a broken heart, only 7 1/2 months after losing his wife Brenda.

We miss you both so much!

Rest your soul Dad! – R.I.P


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