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OUR FIRST 2 JUNIOR BLACK BELTS: Paul Edwards and Mia Fitzpatrick

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Why choose Ju Jitsu for your child?

‘Learning about Loyalty and Commitment’

Regular training in Ju Jitsu offers many benefits, physical and mental:

- Improved Fitness and Physical Ability / Coordination

- Growing in Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

- Increased value of Respect and Discipline

- Better Concentration at school / Mental Focus

- Friendship and being part of our Ju Jitsu Family

- Learning about Loyalty and Commitment

Feel confident and be less of a target at school and in the street!

Don’t put up with being picked on!

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Our Anti-bullying classes will help you to stand up to a bully and not let him intimidate you.

Our Self-Defence and Situation Awareness classes for under 18s

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will teach you skills, which can safe your life.

Nowadays you cannot be too careful in a society where knife crime and muggings seem to be on the daily agenda.

Learn how to defend yourself and how to deal with a dangerous situation without getting hurt. Become more aware of your surroundings and learn to judge a situation correctly.



We believe that the beginner’s classes are a very important step for your child, which will open doors to learn what Ju Jitsu is about and how it will benefit them in their own development, teaching them about their personal capabilities.

They will learn the basics of self-defence, how to fall if involved in an attack and how to defend oneself on the ground should such occasion occur. This will improve their self-confidence, and awareness of their surroundings. 

One of our aims is to teach our students to work in pairs with their training partners, setting a good example and helping lower grades with their practice of any techniques (within the parameter of their current syllabus). 


This will give your child the benefit of:  

- Gaining Maturity and Self-Control

- Taking Responsibility

- Improving Self-Confidence when dealing with other children and adults

- Improved Communication / Listening Skills

- Leadership Skills and a positive attitude

- Respect and Determination

- Team Work and Cooperation

All students develop at their own pace. Some take longer than others.

Important is that they enjoy their journey and reach their personal potential when they are ready. Fact is that 100% of children, whotrain in a Martial Art regularly, improve their abilities and performance at school.


Mia Fitzpatrick, Junior Black Belt

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Ever since I was a little girl, Shihan, my Dad, never missed an opportunity to teach me techniques as well as playful grappling, so that it would become second nature and a growing love of this art was engraved into my mind. I started attending classes at the age of three years regularly, once a week. Slowly, as Goshin Ju Jitsu grew as a club, more children classes opened on different days, which I also attended. I still remember being taught my first kata, which I loved so much that I kept practicing all the time.

My Dad as well as other instructors soon discovered that I had a natural talent for Ju Jitsu. I have been training ever since and hardly ever missed a lesson, growing in skill, determination and endurance. Furthermore, I started stretching and doing sit-ups and push-ups every evening to increase subtleness and strength to benefit my further development in Ju Jitsu.

As I moved on through the grades, I started to be in charge of younger students of lower grades, which I have always enjoyed. This has helped me to grow in confidence and to speak up in front of a group of people. It always gives me great pleasure to practice with and help my younger brother, Ryan, to improve his skills and proceed through the belts.
I personally feel that my grading for my second brown belt has so far been the hardest. It involved a vast amount of strength related exercises in addition to the usual Ju Jitsu techniques.

As I was approaching my Junior black belt grading, I attended every single class, adults and children, 5 times a week. I focus a lot on teaching other students. I believe that showing techniques to others and explaining them in depth, is a good way to test myself that I have learnt and mastered my syllabus successfully. Being responsible for helping less able students also gives me a sense of responsibility, discipline and maturity, which are of great importance when training in any martial art at a high level.


Paul Edwards, Junior Black Belt

paul edwards

My name is Paul Edwards and I have been a member of the Goshin Ju Jitsu Association GB since July 2010.
I have just completed my A Levels at Highlands School and am planning to go to Oxford Brookes University to gain a Masters in Mechanical Engineering, specialising in Motorsport.
The subjects I have chosen to do for my A levels are Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Physics because I enjoy them and I believe them to be essential to equip me for a career in motorsport.
I believe I have developed the teamwork skills and discipline required for an engineering role from over four years of membership of Goshin Ju Jitsu Association GB.
Since joining, I have been an active member of the club, training twice a week and working on improving my communication skills by helping with training the Junior members of the group and teaching them the skills necessary to progress to the next level.
I am a hardworking student who is well disciplined and experienced in remaining calm under pressure. I am very good at following instructions, which is a skill I have learned from my Ju Jitsu training. I am determined to do well and achieve my objectives in whatever I set my mind to, so I am looking forward to moving on to University and completing my engineering degree.
I really enjoy my training sessions at Goshin Ju Jitsu and would recommend that everyone should consider taking up martial arts to help them develop skills such as discipline and teamwork.

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