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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q: Origins of Ju Jitsu?

A: There are many different ideas regarding the origin of Ju Jitsu, believing that the origin of this art

dates back thousands of years. In Japan the Samurai adopted this art as a superior form of self-

defence from where it developed further into the Ju Jitsu we know today.


Q: What makes Ju Jitsu different from other Martial Arts? 

A: Jiu Jitsu, also known as “the gentle art”, is mainly focused on controlling and incapacitating your

opponent through submission holds, chokes, and throws (off balancing, escaping, countering and

attacking) to end a fight more peacefully without the need of devastating hits and punches.


Q: What Style of Ju Jitsu do we teach and why?

A: At Goshin Ju Jitsu we teach a combination of the traditional Japanese Ju Jitsu and Brazilian Ju Jitsu,

which involves both, techniques standing up and on the ground (grappling).

This combination enables our students to escape from or deal with an attacker in any situation,

whether being attacked from behind, restrained or thrown onto the ground.


Q: What techniques does Ju Jitsu involve?

A: Ju Jitsu uses techniques such as striking and kicking, chokes and throws to off-balance and restrain

or incapacitate the opponent. Furthermore, we teach grappling techniques such as trapping, holds

and joint locks.


Q: Will I get hurt?

A: Minor injuries such as bruises, nose bleeds, sprains and joint dislocations can happen. However, all

techniques are taught in a way that when practised and executed correctly during training, the risk

of injuries is minimum.

Kicks and punches to the head, heart or groin should be controlled and full power finishing off and

weakening strikes are not permitted.



Q: Do I need to get fit before I start Ju Jitsu?

A: Ju Jitsu does not rely on strength and agility to perform powerful blows and high-spinning kicks

but on technique. It is therefore not necessary to engage in strength or fitness training prior to

joining our classes. However, training in Ju Jitsu will improve your fitness, strength and agility.


Q: When is a good time to come to my first lesson / Will I need to book in advance?

A: There is never a bad time to start your first lesson unless you recently suffered an injury, which you

have not completely recovered from. New students are welcome to join us at any time, at any age (5

years and older). Lessons do not need to be booked in advance. Just turn up to one of our classes,

wearing comfortable clothing, such as t-shirt and tracksuit bottoms. However, if you wish to contact

our Instructors prior to attending, we are happy to answer any questions by phone or email.


Q: Do I need to attend regularly?

A: In order to master all techniques taught and develop mentally and physically in Ju Jitsu to reach the

next grade, we advise our students to attend regularly as missing too many classes will slow your

progress down drastically.


Q: Will I need to buy any equipment?

A: To start with, no equipment is required, just comfortable clothes such as t-shirt and tracksuit

bottoms. Once you join our Association and complete your membership form, you can purchase a gi

(Ju Jitsu suit) belt and our club badges from your instructor.


Q: Will I be allowed to attend seminars or other events, even when I am a low grade?

A: Yes. We always encourage all our students to attend seminars or other events as we believe

demonstrating their skills in front of others as well as learning techniques from other instructors of

different clubs, will help broaden every student’s mind, skill and confidence.


Q: Are parents allowed to watch their children?

Parents are allowed to stay and watch at the Instructor’s own discretion, providing they remain

quiet throughout the entire lesson and do not present any obstruction/disruption to anyone.



Q: What do the colours of the belt represent?

A: The belts are ranked as follows:

1) white (beginner), 2) red, 3) yellow, 4) orange, 5) green 1, 6) green 2, 7) blue, 8) purple, 9) brown 1,

10) brown 2, 11) brown 3 (for Junior syllabus only), 12) black belt.


Q: How long will it take me for each belt to achieve the next grade?

A: This depends on how many weekly lessons and how regularly you attend our training classes.

We strongly advise that once you reach the level of green belt and above, to attend at least two

classes a week regularly to master the increasing amount of techniques for each syllabus.

Belts for the lower grades can be obtained in approx. 3 months each, depending on attendance

and personal development. The training periods to achieve higher grades will increase gradually

in time. There is usually a pre-grading to establish whether or not a student is ready to take his



Q: What does the grading involve?

A: During your grading you will be tested on the whole syllabus of the belt you have trained for. Any

subsequent grading will also repeat demonstration of the techniques of all previous grades.

For the green belt 1 grading there will also be a verbal test in Anatomy and First Aid.

The black belt grading includes a written multiple choice test in Anatomy and First Aid.




Q: Will I be tied into a contract?

A: Yes. We expect every student to fill in our membership form within 2 weeks after the initial

lesson. This is important for insurance purposes. By signing this membership form, you agree to

our terms and conditions, which can be found on this website.

If you wish to cancel your membership, we require one month notice in advance.


Q: What are the payment terms?

A: Payment by Standing Order in advance on the first day of each month, without any deduction

(Please note that any Bank Holidays, Summer break and 1 week Christmas break

have been taken into account for all monthly rates)



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